MiNotes is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with MiNotes is easier than any other notepad or memo pad app.


    Firebase Firestore Backend
    Login with Google
    Material Design
    Dark/ Light mode
    Built with Latest Flutter SDK and Android Studio
    Save unlimited Notes
    Collaborate notes with your Friends
    Color Notes
    Reminder with Notification
    To-Do tasks
    Minimal UI
    Archived Notes
    Deleted Notes
    Navigation Menu
    ... Much More

Why should you buy it?

    Professional level UI/UX design
    Designed for multiple screen sizes from iPhone5 to iPhone XR Max and Android devices as well
    Easy to customize
    Multiple custom built components that can be reused in other projects
    Beautiful, captivating and smooth animations
Last modified 3mo ago